• MyCash Account: It's a virtual storage of MyCash points. After registration, your mobile number will be your MyCah Account number.
  • Point-in: Buying MyCash Point using MyCash Website or MyCash Point.
  • Point-out: Selling points from your Account. You can Point Out from any MyCash Point.
  • Point Transfer: Transferring points from one MyCash Account to another MyCash Account.
  • Mobile Reload: Reload your mobile phone (local & international) using MyCash Point.
  • MyCash PIN: This is a secret number like a password to secure your MyCash Account.
  • Order ID: A system generated unique reference number against each order that is preserved as identification.
  • Reference: Mentioning the purpose of the transaction for your own record.

  • Can I use MyCash Point 24X7?

    Yes, You can.

    Do I need to open an MyCash account to use this service?

    Yes, You need to open a MyCash account.

    Who can open an account?

    Any one, who is above 18 years old and have a valid Passport & Visa to work in Malaysia.

    Is there any charge for opening an account?

    No, account opening is completely FREE.

    Where shall I go to open an account?

    To any MyCash Point near you.

    Do I need to have a mobile phone to avail this service?

    Yes, you need a mobile phone to register and avail this service.

    Do I need to buy a new SIM card to open account?

    No, you can use any Malaysian Local Mobile Phone number to open an account.

    Do I need to have a bank account to use MyCash?

    No, there is NO need to have a bank account to use MyCash.

    Are my MyCash PIN and SIM card PIN is same ?

    No, they are not same.

    What shall I do if I forgot my PIN?

    Call MyCash Helpline at +601120029004.